One-Line Bio

I'm a knitter with too many things on the needles, and too little time to do it all.


I'm a bi-sexual woman who lives with her partner and a cat in Philadelphia. I knit (alot), I spin (some), I read (as much as I can), I bike to work everyday, I love cooking and have tried my hand at jams and jellies this year. I think that we spent too much of our lives scurrying about and not taking time to smell the roses.

I have a couple degrees under my belt but never use them. Which is a pity really seeing how I love photography, art, and museums more than I love working in a boring data processing job.

I think our world is getting smaller and the greed of it is ruining the small everyday things people take for granted. Public libraries, art museums, and culture get tossed to the wayside while we let big mega-box corps spoon feed us what we think we need. Perhaps my knee jerk reaction to start knitting and spinning wasn't such a bad idea after all.


knitting, spinning, cooking, reading, biking, baking, eating, handcrafts, glbt rights, and I love libraries.