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Looks like you gals had a wonderful time!!!


How fun! I love to visit NYC.

We took A. to NYC in April. Hubby and I had not been since way before we had her.

She loved:
- the pool at the hotel, except the hours were limited and then there was a maintenance problem and we only got to use it once;
- eating at Friendly's on the way to and from NYC;
- the sculpture garden and gift store at the MoMA.
- shopping at Macy's
- taking photos of the mosaics in the subway station near Central Park Zoo
- Central Park Zoo
- the sculptures along a walkway near the Benihana Restaurant: the giant frog was a favorite
- the various styles of water fountains we saw along our walks
- the sicilian orange-scented shampoo, lotion, and soap in the hotel room

She did not like:
- that fact that we left her suitcase, with her carefully picked out clothes and books, at home! (hence the shopping at Macy's)
- everything else about the MoMA (Hubby wanted to see the Tim Burton exhibit)

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