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In a fascinating way, I recognized NONE of the books on your list, except #8. (And that was the only book of hers that I did like.) Must explore this ...

Also, getting sucked in (but haven't had time to post).


Hmm, I've only read two of these. Well, read one, and gave up halfway through the other. (Though I won't tell you which so as not to discourage you! Because considering I almost never give up on books, that says a lot.)


I really want to read #9. You know, when I get to it.


Ooh, your list is making me want to add more books to my list!


I loved Animal Vegetable Miracle and Bicycle Diaries - in totally different ways. Will look forward to your reviews!

Other Half

actually I bought the Bicycle Diaries (or pointed it out in the bookstore) for you, and I bought the Dry Storage Room for myself, and I haven;'t finished it yet.

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