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I remember picking that book up off your shelf upstairs @ the old apartment, and reading -- as I tend to -- the last chapters and then the first ones.

It seemed then that the intervening pages weren't very gripping [I felt that way about a lot of the Wheel of Time books, too -- so very VERRRRY much exposition and drama and cutting to the chase would have been much more engaging.].


My theory on books (as part of a New Year's resolution) is that if I am not enjoying it within the first 50 or 100 pages I do not finish it. Life is too short and there are soooooo many other books just waiting for me! I admire your stick-to-it-ness!


I'm with KnittingKittens on this one -- if I'm not enjoying it on the the second try (third if its a classic), give it away and move on.

Excellent start on the twelve in twelve - may the rest grab you attention more aggressively ;)


Nice review. I'm glad to know it's not me, or not entirely me, that has stopped me from finishing this one.

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