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Soy and corn rotation being evil because they're both monocultures and it's worth growing other things? Or because they require more pesticides or something?


Would it be better with a cover crop in between, or more time fallow? [or is the problem with the kinds of soy and corn being used?]

At least it still grows _crops_, and not subdivisions....


I kind of had the same reaction to the book - and if, because of her fiction writing, the book reaches a larger audience and changes some minds; then excellent. I wasn't too impressed -- but I don't like her fiction either ;)


I'm with you... didn't hate the book, I just didn't think it ever found its rhythm. Partly, I think it's because the three authors talking at once just didn't work for me. I would have loved a book by Barbara alone, just her part. Or even by the older daughter, w/ her reflections as well as recipes. But I couldn't get into the particular mix of storytelling, politics, and practical stuff. :(

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