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oh btw: Laurie R. King books are on sale at the Borders near where I work. Are there any you need me to acquire?

If you like layered mysteries -- try "She walks these hills" by Sharyn McCrumb. I'd skip the Nascar based ones. But the ballad mysteries are pretty wonderful.

Lisa in Oregon

I loved the Collin's seriese too! i mostly read 'fluff' lol...I need the escape! Urban fantasy and mystery, mostly. 96 books this year? i'm so impressed! :)

Andrew J

O.M.G. 96 books? Do you even sleep? Or perhaps you have a time turner like Hermione? Knowing everything else you do, I can't figure out how you could possibly have time to read 96 books!!


8 is excellent! And 96! 96!! Anj, that's great. I wonder how many books I read a year. Maybe I should track that. And I love that you and I love so many of the same books. I love The Magicians, and People of the Book(astoundingly good!), and the Hunger Games trilogy, and Priest's books . . . and Underworld can't get off my shelf either. Hmmm. Maybe I'll take it as a sign of something or other.

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