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BEAUTIFUL!! Wish I was as brave as you with color!! I've bookmarked the link you provided.

I'm working on my first quilt....it's Dr Seuss and the quilt top is finished....just scared to death to try and put all the layers together and quilt it myself.


I think you started with the key - limit yourself, your options, somehow. You started with the center medallion (and you had some requirements for that). I just look at all your colors there and think "whoa, where do you start?" And the answer (for me) is pick something and work from it.


Congrats & woo hoo! It is always a marvelous feeling to look at a completed quilt.
To hopscotch from something Bullwinkle said, let me add: if you build it, they (the colors) will come. Love the orange in it - you are spot-on - it pops.

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